Bridging the Gap Between Science and Policy in the Global Arena

The multidisciplinary Biomedical Science Policy & Advocacy program equips students to communicate clearly about evidence-based decision-making at the intersection of science and policy.

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Attain a comprehensive understanding of Biomedical Science Policy and Advocacy.

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A Unique Approach to the Study of Biomedical Science Policy and Advocacy

Every year, new events relevant to the biomedical sciences emerge in the global arena, from outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases that threaten lives and livelihoods to the development of tools and knowledge with the potential to transform humanity’s future. Decision-makers face a delicate balance: how to anticipate and manage safety, security, ethical, and moral considerations that might arise from these events while promoting innovation and discovery.

The Master of Science in Biomedical Science Policy and Advocacy program addresses this need by providing students with an understanding of policy and advocacy principles, and how scientific evidence informs decision making. We take advantage of Georgetown’s home in Washington DC to introduce our students to technical experts with first-hand insights into how, when, and why policymakers make use of scientific evidence, and who can illuminate pathways to a career that spans science and policy. For more information, please visit our

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Alumni Career Panel | Spring 2024

Alumni of the Biohazardous Threat Agents & Emerging Infectious Diseases and Biomedical Science Policy & Advocacy programs joined for a panel discussion to share valuable career insights.…

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