The Georgetown Difference

Invested in providing a transformative experience through training, resources, and personalized career strategies in order to equip you to reach your career aspirations.

Unique Program Features

Expert Faculty

Courses taught by well-respected faculty who are practitioners and leaders – many of whom hold positions in key government and policy/advocacy institutions in the DC metro area.


Located in the nation’s capital, which is home to numerous federal departments and agencies, international organizations, and global health security NGOs.

Alumni Network

Over a decade of graduates, spanning the globe, working in government, intel, and academia. Read about our annual Alumni Panel to learn about our alumni.

Internship Opportunities

We encourage students to seek out internships that are relevant to their professional goals and to take advantage of our faculty.

Why Biomedical Science Policy & Advocacy?

Rapidly emerging technologies are transforming the biomedical sciences. Recent advances have provided new insights into disease pathways and produced modeling and molecular tools that accelerate research and blur the lines between scientific disciplines. Targeted editing of human, animal, and plant genomes can eliminate genetic disorders and introduce new traits which may be inherited by future generations. These advances hold tremendous promise for global health security and feeding our growing human population, but also raise concerns about consequences — both intended and unintended — that may affect society for decades to come. As decision makers seek legal, regulatory, and policy solutions to these complex challenges, the need to understand scientific evidence and its role in policy-making has never been greater.