Career Placement & Internships

Our program encourages students to seek out internships while pursuing their degree.

Where are our alumni now?

2014-2018 Biomedical Science Policy & Advocacy Alumni

Alumni employment data. 81% are employed, 9% pursued DO/MD, 7% pursued other advanced degrees, and pursued 3% PhD. Of the 81% who are employed 40% go into government & policy, 20%  BioPharma, 16% healthcare, 12% Academia, and 12% Consulting.

  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Georgetown University
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Health Security Partners
  • Library of Congress
  • National Institute of Health
  • ResearchAmerica
  • Ripple Effect Communications 


Internships are a critical part of the academic and professional development of our students. Internships provide valuable networking opportunities. Our program encourages students to seek out internships that are relevant to their professional goals and to take advantage of our faculty – many of whom hold positions in key government and policy/advocacy institutions in the DC metro area.

Below is a list of possible internship opportunities that students can pursue. Please feel free to visit our Job Board to find more information about career development and opportunities under the Biomedical Graduate Education.

Internships are a critical part of the academic and professional development of students in the Biomedical Policy & Advocacy Masters Programs. We encourage our students to enhance their professional, technical, and networking skills through planned, supervised, and evaluated internship experience, either for academic credit or through paid or volunteer opportunities.

Our students have enjoyed internship experiences with diverse governmental and non-governmental institutions in the Washington DC area. The list below illustrates just a few examples.

  • Advocacy for evidence-based policies
    • FasterCures
    • Research!America