Kelly Lazration

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Tell us about yourself! What is your academic/professional background and what led you to pursue graduate school in your field?

My BS is in Biotechnology with a Minor in Microbiology from Penn State University. After graduation, I spent a year working as a Research Assistant at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in an infectious disease lab. I then moved into a position in the clinical lab that supports the transplant team at GUH. After a few years in this position, I wanted to further my education and learn more about how science intersects with policy. I came across the Biomedical Policy and Advocacy MS program and felt that it would be a perfect fit. I currently work full-time and take classes part-time.

How did you hear about us and why did you decide to study at Georgetown?

I work at GUH and naturally began my search for graduate programs here. The BSPA program is unique and relevant to my interests.